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26 Oct, 2016

Personalised Nutrition Update issue nr.29

  A Personalised Approach for IBS on a low FODMAP diet A new study from the university of Gothenburg has shown that people with IBS can be classified as responders or non-responders based on their gut bacterial profiles. People who did not respond to a Low Fodmap diet showed abnormal bacterial profiles before the start of […]

23 Oct, 2016

Pumpkin chicken and pesto pasta

It is my favourite time of year and I do love roasted vegetables. Here is a dish that provides some comfort on cold nights and left overs can be warmed up the next day for lunch. Ingredients 75g of garlic infused olive oil 1 inch slice of parmesan 15g of fresh basil 2 tablespoons of […]

19 Oct, 2016

Dietitian approved snacks!

Last week I spent a disproportionate amount of my time hunting for lost shoes – which as it happens I eventually found on the shoe rack. Don’t ask. This week the hunt goes on for the best dietitian approved/ child pleasing after school snack! One of these days my children will twig what I do […]

12 Oct, 2016

Personalized Nutrition Update issue nr. 27

  The Personalized Nutrition update is a weekly e-newsletter of the latest news and developments in the field of nutritional genomics, functional food, digital health and personalized nutrition. To receive weekly updates directly in your inbox, sign up here My name is Mariette Abrahams, nutrition business consultant, speaker and founder of Mariette Abrahams Consulting. To […]

9 Oct, 2016

Does a gluten free diet improve athletic performance?

Elite and amateur athletes have long been manipulating their diets to gain a competitive edge over their opponents. Many athletes promote improved performance and athletic success following a gluten-free diet. Novak Djokovic swears by it, while Andy Murray feels weak and lacking energy on a gluten free diet. So, does a gluten free diet improve athletic performance?   Many […]