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18 Feb, 2017

Wilted spinach with pine nuts and sultanas

I love spinach it has a really vibrant colour when just wilted and combined with pine nuts a small amount of kale (purple) and sultanas it makes a really great low fodmap vegetable dish. Ingredients 200g bag of spinach 40g Kale chopped finely 10g garlic infused oil 40g Sultanas 50g pine nuts Salt to taste […]

15 Feb, 2017

Personalized Nutrition Update issue nr.5

Robots seem to be creeping into our busy lives, apparently to simply them but also to keep us company. In the latest Blog Post I discuss the recent trend in using robots to teaching nutrition to small kids, did it work?, find out here   In this week´s Personalized nutrition update issue; It´s been a […]

10 Feb, 2017

Welcome to the LEC Nutrition blog

Welcome to the LEC Nutrition blog – helping each and every one of you access nutrition sense and eat it real. The nutrition and health world has exploded onto the internet – we are overwhelmed with facts, fads, false claims and frustration. Everyone – including those not even qualified – seems obsessed with labelling food […]

8 Feb, 2017

Personalized Nutrition Update issue nr.4

Sponsored Feature article- Precision nutrition and Psoriasis Psoriasis affects around 2-5% of the population. It is also well known that improving lifestyle and food choices can have a beneficial effect on disease severity especially in those who have mild-moderate disease. So would a personalized nutrition approach work for people living with Psoriasis? Read my sponsored […]

7 Feb, 2017

Anti stress tip

I love this picture   Wouldn’t it be of great benefit to the two men moving the cart if they stopped for a few minutes to listen to the other mans idea?   An idea that would potentially mean getting the job done quicker so they would have more time and be less busy!   […]