Dietitians Blog Entries

29 Aug, 2016

Pecan and raspberry Rocky Road – Low Fodmap

Rocky road is so easy to make and a great looking snack, but not for regular consumption as it is very calorific! This version is not too sweet as dark chocolate is used and the recipe is low fodmap.  I like to view this as ’emergency rations’ – what do I mean? Well, when out […]

27 Aug, 2016

Coronation chicken – low fodmap

Coronation chicken is a favourite traditional dish in the UK and was first devised for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953 by the Cordon Bleu chef Rosemary Hume and Constance Spry. Rosemary was described by Constance as the ‘brains’ of their collaboration with respect to cookery knowledge, but Rosemary is always mentioned after Constance who […]

19 Aug, 2016

Future Shock

Earlier today I having a blood test for work and as I was lying down relaxing and pondering how amazing the human body is…. I saw this ‘historical’ piece of marketing literature on the wall.     Doesn’t it blow your mind when you think about how things used to be?  How time changes our […]

14 Aug, 2016

The moorland wild bilberry

In the month of August the moors around Lancashire and Yorkshire provide an abundance of wimberry (more frequently called bilberry). These little berries are delicious but it takes some effort in gathering them, but it is certainly worth that effort. They are ready now to harvest and if you have a few hours to spare […]

5 Aug, 2016

Australian native superfoods

When looking to add an antioxidant boost to the diet, blueberries are what often spring to mind. And while they are tasty little berries, there are a wealth of nutrient-rich Australian native plants, herbs and spices containing antioxidants at far greater quantities. While they may be mini in size, these Aussie ‘superfoods’ pack a mean punch […]