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23 Jan, 2017

Feta, orange and pine nut salad

It’s time to get back to fresh ingredients, I always crave fresh salad after the Christmas excess. This salad is a tasty low Fodmap salad that will fill you up for lunch, it also contains one of your fruit portions. Remember to separate your fruit portions through the day if you have fructose malabsorption. Ingredients […]

18 Jan, 2017

Dairy Foods: Dangerous or Marvellous

  There are a lot of scare stories in the media and on the internet about dairy foods. Concerns have been raised about hormones increasing the risk of cancer and about antibiotic resistance. Hormones are used in some countries to stimulate higher milk yields, but this is not allowed in the EU/UK. Hormones may be prescribed […]

18 Jan, 2017

Personalized Nutrition Update issue nr.1

New developments in Canada have seen insurers make the decision that consumers no longer need to disclose genetic information from as early as 2018. To read in full click here Down at HQ Happy new year and welcome to this years´first eblast!. The year has started off with a blast with a webinar for the […]